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Prenatal, Postnatal & Kids Online YTT Program

Are you a yoga instructor looking to broaden your horizons of who, what and where you can teach yoga?  If so, then this Prenatal, Postnatal and Kids Online Yoga Training could be for you!

What’s included: 

·   Video lectures

·   Full PDF manual for each module

·      Online course community for everyday support

·   One-on-one support and feedback after each module

·   Yoga & Pregnancy

·      Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

·      Mom (or dad) & baby yoga

·      Sequencing in all areas

·   Sample classes for you to use

·      Yoga for children

·   45 Hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance

This course is offered as an online training, completed at your own pace.  It is registered with Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours.

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“Comprehensive and so well organized. I have learned so much more than expected. My on line course was exceptional! I have taken in person courses elsewhere... must admit that online courses cannot go off track or spiral in a different direction, which happens often in ‘live’ courses. It keeps the student on task to absorb what they signed up for! Lauren explains with clarity and provided several class sequences to use while teaching. I received encouragement and support every step of the way. Highly recommended! Thank you! 🌸💓🌸” ~ Dina, September 2019

“The Pre/Postnatal & Kids Yoga course with Lauren was incredible. I received a ton of knowledge and feel very confident going forward and offering classes to my clients. It was wonderful working with Lauren and she was always there to answer any and all questions thought out the course. I highly recommend this course to all teachers no matter how long you've been teaching yoga.” ~ Meghan, May 2019

“I really enjoyed Lauren’s course. It’s informative, supportive and fun. Lauren has so much knowledge and is a great teacher to learn from. The course was such a great compliment to my 200hr training. My first regular class was a postnatal with baby. It’s been a real joy to see how much yoga can benefit mothers and kids. I would strongly recommend taking the course. It’s made me feel comfortable teaching prenatal or postnatal attendees in my open classes.” ~J.L. November 2018

“I loved Lauren's online prenatal, postnatal and kids yoga course that she offers. It was very informative and covered all areas it needed. I was able to take it at my own pace too, which is always a plus. Lauren was detailed in her feedback on videos, routines and the questions we had to turn in and was always available for any questions or concerns. I definitely recommend this course!” ~L.H. September 2018

"I enjoyed all aspects of the course. It really compliments the 200hr YTT and makes me feel more comfortable if I were to have a pregnant woman or new mother in my class." ~ March 2018

"I feel the course is well balanced. Lauren is a fantastic teacher who makes the lectures fun and engaging. The pace is steady and informative. I liked experiencing the mock classes on each aspect of the course to embed the differences in teaching pre/postnatal and kids groups in the course." ~ March 2018

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Sample Syllabus:

Prenatal Yoga/Postnatal Yoga/Kids Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

  • Yoga during pregnancy

  • The pregnant body: what to expect from your students during each trimester

  • Sequencing for Prenatal Yoga

  • Safety, warnings & cautions

  • Anatomy: how the body and the baby are changing and growing

  • Pranayama & meditations for prenatal mother

  • Breakdown of what to teach during each trimester

  • Practice teaching (in the form of a video)

Postnatal Yoga

  • Appropriate post pregnancy yoga

  • Parent & baby yoga

  • How to engage the baby during yoga

  • Sequencing

  • Timeline post pregnancy

  • Pranayama and meditations for post pregnancy

  • Safety

  • Restorative practice

  • Practice teaching (in the form of a video)

Kids Yoga

  • Benefits for kids

  • General guidelines what to teach kids

  • Pranayama for kids

  • Yoga nidra for kids

  • Class theme ideas

  • Sequencing- what to include, timing, music, etc.

  • General child development & what to expect during each age

  • Practice teaching (in the form of a video)

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Prenatal, Postnatal & Kids: $379 USD*

Prenatal & Postnatal: $335 USD*

One module only: $279 USD*

(*Please note if you are based in The UK or Europe, a VAT tax will be added to these prices at checkout)

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Hi :) I’m Lauren, I’ll be your instructor for this course. I remember the first time I walked into a class of 20+ students and ONE of them was very visibly pregnant. I remember it so clearly because I almost had a mini-heart attack of fear. I was teaching on a small island in Indonesia, just months after graduating from my first YTT course. We had a short workshop about Prenatal yoga- but in the moment I didn’t remember anything and I was terrified. I knew then that I never wanted to have that feeling again. For my own personal sanity and also for the safety of prenatal/postnatal mothers who would attend my class. {Side note, I had also just quit my full time job to be a yoga teacher so I figured that the chance of having pregnant women in my class in the future was pretty high.}


I studied Prenatal, Postnatal, Kids & Teens yoga and was trained how to teach it in 2016. I taught this course on different YTT programs around Bali for a few years. THEN, I moved to Tahiti. If you’ve never been, let me tell you there is REALLY not a lot of yoga, and 0 YTT programs. Also, everyone speaks french- it’s a french speaking country! Oui, Oui! So, that’s how I got here. I decided to make this course available online for you to take anywhere! I hope you enjoy, message me below if you have any questions.

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