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Pitta is composed of fire + water, governing transformation in the body. Pitta is in charge of metabolism, body heat, temperature, digestion, perception, hunger, thirst and intelligence.

Everyone has pitta dosha, but some people will have more of it. People who are mainly pitta are usually very organized, driven, hardworking, and confident. Pitta is associated with the season of summer, so if you are already dominant in pitta, you’ll want to make sure to keep cool this summer. (everyone will but especially those who already have a lot of pitta energy).


Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you easily become frustrated and angry (think traffic, waiting in lines..)

  2. Do you get hangry (hungry + angry) when you haven’t eaten?

  3. Do you feel uncomfortable when it’s really hot and sweat easily?

  4. Are you organized and a perfectionist?

  5. Do you get irritable and impatient?

If you answered yes to a few of these, you might be dominantly vata!

Pitta: Balanced


  • love challenge,

  • organized

  • carisma,

  • more life of the party

  • confident

  • makes their presence known


  • Average, Muscular build

  • Don’t do well in the sun

  • Hair and skin color are light

  • Captivating eyes

  • Sweats a lot

  • Good digestion

Pitta: Out of Balance


  • anger, impatient

  • frustration

  • judgmental

  • bossy

  • more loud and aggressive


  • acid reflux

  • Kidney stones, ulcers

  • skin hot, rashes,

  • inflammation in the body

  • acne or inflamed skin

Vata, Pitta, Kapha, WHAT?!

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