3 ways to add ayurveda to your morning routine

So, you’ve heard about Ayurveda and you’re considering adding some parts of it to your life.  

First- let’s work on pronunciation- AYE-your-VAY-duh

Ayurveda :) Voila!

Ayurveda is an ancient, holistic, whole body system from India dating back to 5000 BC.  It’s known as the sister science to yoga and it’s currently making its debut return to the western world!  The focus of ayurveda is to maintain health and prevent disease. Ayurveda recognizes that each person is unique, thus needing different things to keep them balanced and healthy.  With that being said, the first way to bring anyone back into balance is by having a daily routine.

Here are 3 simple ways you can add Ayurveda into your morning routine.

tongue scrape.JPG

1. Tongue scrape!  YEP- everyyyyday! Check your tongue every morning.  It becomes addicting (at least it did for me- as soon as I wake up I have to do it.)  I have a tongue scraper from Banyan botanicals that I use everyday. The coating on the tongue is known as ama, or toxins that are present in the body.  We want to remove those toxins from the body and the tongue. Tongue scraping will do just that! It will also remove bacteria, help with bad breath, eliminate undigested food particles, and gently stimulate the internal organs to get ready for food.  Ayurveda says that the tongue is a mirror of our insides, for more information on that check out the image below by Dr. Vasant Lad.


How to do it- scrape from back to front to eliminate any coating on your tongue that formed overnight.  Follow this by brushing your teeth. It’s important to tongue scrape before brushing your teeth because sometimes when we brush our teeth, the water and toothpaste will loosen the ama (the tongue coating) and we can end up swallowing it.  Ama is toxins and we want to remove toxins from the body, so stick to tongue scraping first.

tongue map.png

2.  Warm water with lemon/lime- or nothing!  Overnight our body is busy detoxifying and digesting food that is still in our system.  When we wake up and drink warm water right away, it acts as a scrape and pushes anything out that might be inside of us. Think about it like a pan you used for dinner that still has some veggies stuck to it, as soon as you add some warm water and soap- those puppies come right off!  The warm water in the body first thing in the morning does the same thing. It also rehydrates the body that has been without liquids for hours. The citrus from the lemon/lime will help boost the immune system, alkalize the body, and aid digestion by loosening up the ama (toxins from undigested foods).


How to do it- I mix half boiling water, half room temperature water (so you don’t have to wait an hour to drink it) in a mug and then the juice of ½ of a lime.  Drink & enjoy :)


3. Move!  6-10am is known as Kapha time in the Ayurveda world.  It’s the time when we should try to get our exercise in.  One of the main principles of ayurveda is “like attracts like, opposite balances.”  Kapha dosha is associated with grounded-ness and stability, - so the opposite of that would be movement.  Go for a walk, bike to work, do an at-home workout, yoga, anything that gets you moving. This will help prevent the sluggishness that can usually hit us at the 6-10am time frame.  And let’s be honest- getting movement in first thing in the morning is typically a lot easier than trying to squeeze it in after work.

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Ayurveda is different because it’s not a trend or a fad, it’s a way of life.   I hope these tips help start you on your ayurveda journey!

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